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robot with hammer Amidst the unprecedented pandemic, many around the world have adapted their lives and slowly returned to some normalcy. FIRST Robotics was no exception to this, launching a total of four virtual and in-person opportunities that FIRST Robotics Competition teams can choose to participate in. There’s something for every team, and the activities cover virtually every aspect of robotics. They are as follows:

Name Description
Game Design Challenge Teams design their own FRC robot game with real, virtual, and hybrid design elements. Created concepts may be used in future FRC robot games, and teams also compete for judged awards.
Innovation Challenge Teams work together to identify a real-world problem, design a solution, build a business model, and deliver a pitch to compete for judge awards. Teams may advance to the global innovation awards.
Infinite Recharge at Home This event is only available to teams who participated in the 2020 season. Teams participate in a virtual skills challenge with their robot from the 2020 season, showcase its abilities, and compete for judged awards.
FIRST@Home Finally, everyone can still participate in STEM activities through FIRST@Home regardless of team membership.

Although this year is the first year that MGCI robotics is able to participate in FRC, thanks to our sponsors, we’re still planning to jump into the action by participating in the Innovation Challenge. Signups have been held, and a total of 46 robotics club members of varying skill levels are participating. This year, our main goals are to explore new ideas, develop new skills, learn from each other, have fun, and most importantly to solve real-world problems with our shared interest in STEM. It’ll be a busy year, and you can keep up with us by following us on social media or signing up for blog updates at the bottom of this webpage.

Happy holidays!